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Hilton Boost Overlay
How to install and
calibrate the Overlay
20+ HIGH Boost COBRA Overlay
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How to install and callibrate the overlay
The Hilton Boost Overlay was designed to be installed by the novice and professional alike. When the detailed instructions are followed it should take an average of 1 to 2 hours to install and calibrate. Detailed instructions with photos are supplied with the overlay. The instructions that come with the Boost Overlay are much more in depth but here are the basic steps just to give an overall idea of what is involved.

Step #1

Removal of the gauge cluster.

small overlay installed.jpg
Cobra Overlay

Lightning Overlay

Step #2

Modify the stock needle and install overlay.

Cobra Needle
Lightning Needle

Step #3

Calibration and reinstallation of the gauge cluster.

small calibration rear view.jpg

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