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20+ HIGH Boost COBRA Overlay
16# Overlay
SVT Tach Transfer

“Great product! looks OEM and is dead nuts on!”
-Dave from Virginia-

“I adore my Boost Overlay. It looks stock and saved me at least $100 on the purchase of another gauge. It doesn't clutter up the the inside. It’s also right-on accurate with the loaner gauge I used for calibration. Ray Hilton was fair and honest to deal with. I got my overlay within 3 days of ordering, and the instuctions were right-on!”
-Brandon from Utah-

“I have purchased two overlays and have installed them on two seperate cars. They look great, fit perfect and are a must for any modified 03-04 Cobra. Ray is class act and an asset to the Cobra community.”
-Rob from Mississippi-

“Mine’s in and I love it! The Overlay extends the usefullness of the gauge and I find myself driving it harder with confidence knowing what my real boost is.”
-Mike from California-

“Hey I got my Boost Overlay last friday and I’ve finally found the time to post! This is a great product Ray, thank you for all your hard work. I can’t believe  how detailed your instructions were. I wish more people had something like this. I just wanted to say thanks.”
-Charles from Texas-

”The install was a breeze and Ray’s directions were superb. A “must do mod”. You can’t beat it for $29.95. I’m suprised that the stock boost gauge is accurate. It was right on with the Autometer I calibrated it with. I’d like to add that the installation went flawlessly. I normally will drop a screw and waste an hour hunting it down. I was concerned that I’d scratch the cluster lense...nope. It took an hour. I could do it in 15 minuites if I had to do it over again.
-Dan from Michigan-

“When purchasing Ray’s boost overlay for my ‘03 Cobra, I was so impressed with the quality and the service with Ray, I bought another overlay for my ’04 Cobra. Not only does it look factory, it saved me quite a bit of money from having to buy a boost gauge and a pod.”
-Chet fron Tennesse-

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